Culinary Art and Nutrition School

Since Culinary Art and Nutrition School (CANS), Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality was established more than 40 years ago, over 5,000 professionals have graduated and been serving the society. The programs available currently include culinary art and nutrition, western food process that were opened in 1978, and Chinese and western pastry skills. Culinary art and nutrition, western food process, the earliest programs of CANS supported by central government fund, are also key, characteristic programs for Jiangsu higher institutes, demonstration schools as well as backbone programs for higher vocation education. Chinese culinary art program passedUNWTO-TedQual in 2018, and CANS practice base is selected as a key training base in Jiangsu Province.

Catering to the demands of the industry, businesses and society, we have been actively fostering, through professional, elaborate, humanized and global teaching and training, innovative professionals and senior and mid-level management personnel with sophisticated skills, good potential and high overall quality, who can properly qualify for positions of high-star hotels and brand enterprises at home and abroad.


I.Education pattern

Our personnel training programs are prepared with and evaluated by the industrial entrepreneurs and experts based on the job requirements. Education is integrated with industry, work is alternated with study, innovative cooperation with businesses is intensified, and meanwhile modern apprenticeship system is trialed, to turn out more qualified personnel for Jiangsu, Yangtze River Delta Region and even the whole country. New training modes are now jointly implemented by CANS and businesses, including such cooperative and special classes as “blue frog elite class”, “Shanghai night elite class”, “Maxim class of Asian cuisine”, “cold dish art class”, “coffee bakery class” and “Qingyi international class”.  


CANS faculty is now staffed with 37 professional teachers, including 2 professors, 2 Jiangsu industrial professors, 6 associate professors and 18 teachers with master’s degree or above, as well as 20 senior cooking technicians. The school still employs 1 Chinese culinary culture master, 2 famous Chinese chefs, 7 Chinese cuisine masters and over 50 part-time teachers from businesses (as many as full-time teachers). This faculty team is composed of experienced double-quality teachers with sophisticated skills, 80% of whom assume judges for skills competitions at or above provincial level and provincial professional skills appraisers, and all of them used to work or practice in high-star hotels.


III.Course reform

Ability-oriented modular project course reform is first carried out through professional practice in CANS, setting a good model and guide for the vocational education reform and development in the province and even throughout the country. “Growth cup”, “Interview with Chefs” and “Innovation & entrepreneurship week” and other activities are held, and VR practical training system is developed with modern information technology, so that the students can, while reinforcing their basic skills, vigorously develop their creativity, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, laying a solid foundation for their sustainable development. Thanks to the hard course reform efforts, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 1 scientific progress prize are won under the provincial model teaching achievement awards.

        IV.Academic research

      CANS teachers have in recent years published more than 100 monographs and teaching materials, including 2 “eleventh five-year plan” textbooks, 4 “twelfth five-year plan” textbooks, 1 provincial key textbook, 2 provincial excellent courses and 2 provincial excellent textbooks; published more than 300 professional papers, including over 50 on core journals; undertaken and completed over 50 state, provincial, ministerial and institutional research projects, formulated more than 30 industrial standards for the businesses and obtained over 20 national patents.

Ⅴ.Practice base

Totally 500 teachers can simultaneously organize the practice teaching in 21 modern cooking training rooms which cover a total area of over 2,000m2, including training rooms for Chinese food, Western food, Chinese and Western pastry, multifunctional dishes demonstration hall, nutrition test laboratory, production practice base, master studio, VR training room and simulated international catering chain store. Practical teaching of culinary art program and the whole school, on-the-job training, new dishes development are now all carried out in Hotel UNIC, a hotel at four-star level in Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality.


Ⅵ.Social service

 Relying on “culinary art and nutrition research institute”, we provide sufficient technical and intellectual support to the transformation and upgrading of catering businesses in and around Jiangsu; undertake the culinary art training among “the program of researching, studying and training inheritors for China’s intangible cultural heritage” launched by Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education; organize the industrial experts and CANS teachers to jointly develop practical training programs, to provide technical support for the development of local economy and service industry; jointly develop Confucius family dish, Taihu dishes on boat and Jinling dish with the businesses, and undertake product development, technical training, catering design and other services for more than 30 4-star and above hotels in and outside Jiangsu; hold a dozen of special trainings including “high-level forum on the transformation and leapfrog development of modern hotels and catering industry”, to explore the ways for business mode innovation and enhancing the competitiveness of business brands.

 Ⅶ.Students’ employment

 CANS long maintains a high employment rate of 100%, for students can take the internship and work in the enterprises under close cooperation with the school, and also in the high-star hotels in Macao and countries like the USA, Germany, Singapore, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi). In the past 10 years, about 10% students went abroad for advanced training and study every year, laying a solid foundation for CANS’s global development.




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