Tourism Management School

As one of the early established schools (departments) of Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (NITH), School of Tourism Management (STM) sets up 6 programs: Tourism Management, Tour Guide, Travel Agency Management, E-commerce, Golf Service and Management and Leisure Service and Management. In addition, Tourism Management passed UNWTO-TedQual in 2018, and in the same year, the program and Travel Agency Management were selected as the first batch of high-level backboneprograms in Jiangsuprovince. Students are admitted through college entrance exam, pre-enrollment, program-related individual enrollment, “3+3” talent cultivating mode connecting secondary and higher vocational education, and “3+2” talent cultivating mode connecting higher vocational and college education. Students in each program are cultivated to be the right talents short in many emerging industries in tourism. STM is the largest tourism school whichhascultivated most talents inthe province. Numerous graduates have grown into elites in the tourism industry, leading Jiangsu and eventhe rest ofChina interms ofprofessional comprehensive strength.  


Facultymembersof STM, whoare highly educated, practical and enthusiastic, consist of 36 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 11 associate professors and 8 doctors. STM is also home to over 20 part-time teachers, 12 industry guest professors and 1 industry professor from the fifth batch of Jiangsu higher vocational colleges, 1 trainee teachers of Jiangsu 333 high-level personnel training project, 3 trainee backbone teachers of Jiangsu “Blue Project”, 6 double-quality teachers of Ten-Thousand-Tourism-Talents Training Program of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (formerly the National Tourism Administration), 4 practice-based teachers of Ten-Thousand-Tourism-Talents Training Program, 3 STM program leaders of NITH, 11 young and middle-aged backbone teachers, 4 teaching teams and 5 scientific research teams. Among them, 100% are double-quality teachers, and many have obtained senior tour guide certificates, and served as grading assessors for scenic spots and travel agencies, and as examiners for tour guide qualification examinations and judges for tour guide competitions at the provincial and ministerial levels. Five teachers were appointed by theOrganization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Organization Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee to take a temporary post at local tourism administration departments and well-known tourism enterprises.  

STM has cooperated with enterprises to gather high-quality resources and built well-equipped and fully functional professional training bases for tourism management majors in NITH, including tourism e-commerce training room, campus physical travel agency (co-founded by China International Travel Service (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (CITS) and STM), intelligent classroom, tour guide simulation training room, garden experience area, outdoor equipment experience hall and golf simulation training center. STM has set up an order-oriented class with CITS, and students are taught by both STM’s teachers and CITS personnel in order to create a good practical training environment for them, an example first set by CITS. STM was successfully selectedas the School-Enterprise Cooperation Demonstration Base for Tourism Vocational Education of National Tourism Administration in 2017. In addition, STM has cooperated closely with CITS, Yat-sen Mausoleum Scenic Spot, Confucius Temple Qinhuai River Scenery Belt, Changzhou Dinosaur Park, Shanghai Disney, Guangzhou Changlong Happy World and other famous tourism enterprises, and has established internship/employment bases in more than 30 tourism enterprises.

Since 2015, STM hasbeenawarded 1 second prize in Teaching Achievement (Higher Education) of Jiangsu Education Department, 1 first prize and 1 third prize in National Information-Based Teaching Contest, and 17 prizes in provincial teaching contests. STM has also published 3 national “12th Five-Year Plan” textbooks, 1 provincial quality textbook and 2 provincial key textbooks, and set up 5 provincial online open courses. In the past three years, STM’s teachers have madefruitful achievements in teaching and scientific research. Professional teachers won 1 first prize in the National Information-Based Teaching Contest, and more than 50 prizes in open class, teaching plan and micro-class school competitions. Besides, 1 project was approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China, so was more than 20 projects at or above the provincial and department levels, and over 200 papers were published in national key journals.

STM centers on the cultivation of students’ innovation and practical ability. Since 2010, a total of more than 30 students have successively been awarded the first prizes in tour guideservice event in National Vocational Students Skills Competition (ChinaSkills), National E-commerce Competition, Jiangsu Career Planning Competition and other competitions, ranking first among national tourism schools.

STM has also organized 3 tour guide serviceevents of Jiangsu Higher Vocational College Students Skills Competition, 2 selection competitions for ChinaSkills and 2 tour guide serviceevents of ChinaSkills, which has been well received by all walks of life.

In addition, professional teachershaveprovided social servicesfor governments at all levels, tourism enterprises and tourism schools. Theyhavepromoted secret inquiries in tourist attractions, Grade A inspection, and grading of tourist agencies and scenic spots, and offered technical services such as tourism planning, consultation, judgment, planning and training forover 40 timestotravel agencies, theme parks, leisure resorts and rural tourist attractions. They were awarded the first prizes in public art andinplanning and design in the 2016 China Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Original Works Exhibition.Besides, they alsotrained tourism management-related teachers and talentedtourismmajors for Xinjiang Yili Vocational and Technical College and Ningxia Polytechnic.




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