Tourism and Foreign Languages School

 Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (NITH) was founded when former Jinling Institute of  Hotel Management (founded in 1991) merged with Nanjing Tourism School (founded in 1978) on March 2001. After NITH was transformed into a full-time general higher vocational college, the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was established. In order to meet the needs of the society, SFL was upgraded into the International Tourism Department (ITD) in 2013, which was renamed the School of Tourism and Foreign Languages (STFL) in 2019, with 33 faculty members and 601 students. STFL sets up four programs, namely Tourism English, Tourism Japanese, Application Korean and Application Spanish, of which Tourism English program passed UNWTO-TedQal in 2018.

STFL welcomes ordinary senior high school graduates across China. Following the development philosophy of openness, pragmatism and innovation, STFL gives priority to students’ professional competence and provides employment-oriented and international education. Students are cultivated to be applied talents, who excel in foreign language proficiency, service skills and comprehensive quality for high-end tourism enterprises and joint ventures at home and abroad.


Faculty members of STFL are almost a team of young and well-educated teachers who complement each other with their respective strengths. They consist of 26 full-time teachers in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and tourism, 4 foreign teachers and 2 part-time professors, including 24 teachers with intermediate and senior professional titles and 22 with master’s degree or above. More than 80% full-time teachers have overseas study and training experiences, over 80% are double-quality teachers, and 90% have probation or work experience in tourism enterprises.

In order to push forward foreign language teaching reform, STFL takes the lead in promoting small class teaching at different levels, and strengthens practice teaching reform. Tourism English is a school-level demonstration program; Tourism Japanese teaching team is known for its characteristic teaching; and Hotel English, Tourism English and Japanese Intensive Reading are rated as school-level quality courses.

STFL has organized and guided students to participate in foreign language skills competitions and tourism service skills competitions at the provincial level and above. In recent years, a total of more than 20 students have won the first and second prizes in provincial and national competitions. Among them, 5 first prizes and 1 second prize were pocketed in the National Tourism College Students Tour Guide Service Skills Competition (English), 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes in the Ministry of Education Tour Guide Service Skills Competition for Higher Vocational College Students (English) (No. 1 in 2014 and No. 2 in 2015 in terms of comprehensive ranking), and 5 first prizes and 3 second prizes in the English Speaking Contest for Vocational College Students (Jiangsu Area). A Korean major was awarded the second prize in spoken Korean in the first “SICFL & Inje Cup” Korean Skills Contest for Higher Vocational College Students in 2015.

STFL’s professional teachers have participated in information-based teaching competitions at or above the provincial level. In recent years, they have won a total of 15 first and second prizes at the provincial and national levels. Micro-class on Hotel English won the first prize (ranked second) and micro-class on Common Problems and Solutions in Tour Guide Interpretation won the first prize at the provincial and national levels in the First China Micro-class Competition (Jiangsu Area) in 2014. They won the first prize in 2015 Jiangsu Micro-class Teaching Competition, the first and second prize in 2015 Jiangsu Course Teaching Contest for Vocational School Teachers and 2015 Jiangsu Course Design Contest for Vocational School Teachers, respectively, the first prize in 2015 National Course Design for Vocational School Teachers, and the first prize in 2015 SFLEP Jiangsu English Teaching Contest for Higher Vocational School Teachers.


Since 2008, STFL’s teachers have led more than 100 national and provincial teaching and science research projects, and published 247 papers above the provincial level and 7 textbooks. The projects include teaching reform projects of Jiangsu Education Department, such as An Empirical Study and Application of Hotel English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Job Requirements and Research and Practice of Tourism Foreign Language Talents Innovative Training in Jiangsu Higher Vocational Colleges -- Targeted at International Tourism Talents Training; projects approved by the Advisory Board of English Teaching under the Ministry of Education such as Development and Participation Practice of the Innovative Mode of Spoken Tourism English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges; and key projects of the Advisory Board of Tourism Teaching under the Ministry of Education such as Liberal Education and Curriculum Innovation and Practice of Chinese Tourism Culture.

In terms of social services, STFL’s teachers have served as English judges and chief judges of national and Jiangsu tour guide and hotel skills competitions several times, and as examiners of Jiangsu Tour Leader English Oral Test, Tour Guide English Oral Test and Hotel English Oral Test over the years. Since 2009, they have been training and guiding industry players, who represented Jiangsu at the National Tour Guide Service Skills Competition and National Hotel Service Skills Competition and won the first prizes in tour guide service event of individual and group competitions many times. In 2010, professional teachers independently wrote and revised the New Syllabus for Grade Assessment of Professional English for Tourist Hotels in Jiangsu Province, filling a gap in Jiangsu. They compiled and published English for Hotel Service series, which are the designated textbooks for unified training and assessment of tourist hotels across Jiangsu. They also successfully applied for 3 practice innovation projects of the National Tourism Administration and 6 projects of Ten-Thousand-Tourism-Talents Training Program of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (formerly the National Tourism Administration).

The employment rate of STFL’s graduates has remained at 97% for years. Their bright career prospects indicate the trend of international internship and diversified employment. NITH has cooperated with Japan Internatioanl Friendship Hotel Association since 1997, and each year, about 50 students are given the opportunity to study in Japan Hot Spring Hotel  for one year. By 2019, more than 1,000 students have been sent to Japan for further study, of whom over 95% are tourism Japanese majors.

Since 2004, STFL has set up overseas internship programs in Singapore, UAE, Qatar and the United States. Excellent tourism English majors are selected to go to Burj Al Arab (seven-star), Emirates Palace Hotel (eight-star) Abu Dhabi, resort hotels recommended by American Hotel & Lodging Association and Qatar Airways for internship for 2 months to 1 year.

Most graduates start their careers in first-tier cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and in developed eastern regions like southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. They not only are fully employed, but also take a high position and have a rosy future. They mainly work in large multinational hotel groups (Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Kempinski Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, etc.), international travel agencies (Jiangsu China Travel Service Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Comfort International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Nanjing China International Travel Service Co., Ltd., etc.), 4A/5A-level scenic spots (Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Wuxi Lingshan, etc.), and Bank of China CITIZEN, Hitachi Limited, Japan’s All Nippon Airways, Korean Air and other foreign enterprises. Most have become elites in the tourism industry in Jiangsu and even the rest of China.



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