Hotel Management School

         I. About HMS

Hotel Management School (HMS) was founded in 1978, and the programs opened now include hotel management, “3+2” hotel management for junior college + undergraduate studies (under cooperation with Jiangsu Second Normal University), financial management and computer information management. Hotel management of HMS has been listed asa model tourism program for Chinese vocational colleges,a key program in Jiangsu Province, a brand program (class A) in Jiangsu Province, won2 second prizes for national teaching accomplishments,3 first prizes for provincial teaching accomplishments, 1 first prize for education and teaching accomplishments from Catering and Tourism Teaching Steering Committee for Higher Vocational Colleges, Ministry of Education, and passedUNWTO-TedQual in 2018.


II. Students

Currently there are over 1,700 students attending classes in the school. The students have developed sound practical ability, innovative ability and other quality, and the education quality is highly praised by the peer. Since 2012, 13 students have won first prize, 2 won second prize and 1 won third prize at the National Vocational Students Skills Competition, beating all other competitors of the same major throughout the country in total awards and first prizes collected. 5 “Ten Thousand Tourism Talents - Service Practice Projects” launched by China National Tourism Administration and 13 Practice and Innovation Plan Projects for Jiangsu College Students are undertaken by HMS students, 2 delegations won champion and runner-up for The CHEI Challenge: Unlocking Career Success National Championship, and about 20% students go to Dubai, Macao, the USA and other regions and countries for advanced training and study.


          III. Faculty


The HMS faculty in reasonable echelon is currently staffed with the following high-degree members with strong practical ability: 49 full-time teachers, including 2 professors, 13 associate professors, 4 doctors, 2 foreign teachers, 2 employed industrial experts and 1 industrial professor in Jiangsu Province. 4 master studios are set up, over 90% of the faculty members are approved as “double-quality” teachers, and among them, 1 excellent teaching team for Jiangsu Blue Project is formed, 1 has won the title “young and middle-aged Jiangsu expert who has made prominent contributions”, 1 “young tourism expert of China National Tourism Administration” and 5 “backbone teachers for Jiangsu Blue Project”. Still, 5 of them assume trainers for Golden Key Hotels of the World, 3 inspectors for national hotel star rating, 11 inspectors for provincial hotel star rating, a dozen experts, referees for national hotel skills competition, and 2 become members of National Tourism Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee. 7 teachers has participated in “Ten Thousand Tourism Talents - Double-quality Teacher Projects” approved by China National Tourism Administration, 16 won the title of “excellent guide teachers for National Vocational Students Skills Competition”, and 15 teachers were granted the International Awards in Teaching & Training from City & Guilds. 


          IV. Practice and Training Base


         HMS was selected in 2010 as a higher vocational education training base supported by central finance, to give credit to its complete and advanced facilities including the hotel online marketing and operation simulated training system jointly developed with businesses, and practice rooms for lobby service, Chinese and Western food service, intelligent guest room, hotel information system, coffee service, cleaning & maintenance and bartending.

The first Chinese campus hotel museum was built in 2013, and fully upgraded in 2018, to display the history and growth of the hospitality industry with sound, light, video, object and other materials.Hotel UNIC, a 26,000m2leading boutique teaching hotel in China, was put into autonomous operation in 2015. Its fully functional banquet hall, multimedia video conference room, Chinese, western kitchens and full-time restaurant, bar, tea bar and coffee bar are ideal for real teaching, working practice and research.

Students may take the internship at 23 top hotels at home and abroad like Peninsula Shanghai, Jinling Hotel, White Swan Hotel, China World Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong Shanghai, the Ritz-Carlton Sanya, the off-campus demonstration bases developed by HMS to facilitate their career development.


        V. Cooperation with Businesses


HMS actively cooperates with businesses, to gather more social resources and open more channels for cultivation of professionals, like the “intercontinental opportunity class”, “Suning class” and “Jinling elite class” jointly opened with Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), Suning Group and Jinling Hotel respectively. HMS won 2014-2015 east China championship and 2016 win-win prize from IHG Academy, and rated as Intercontinental Strategic Elite Academy in 2018.

Catering to the demand of the industrial development, HMS jointly opens hotel information engineering class with Marriott Hotels and Shiji Network, to foster more excellent IT professionals required by the hospitality sector. For cultivation of practical, innovative hotel intelligent marketing personnel, HMS still collaborates with Wintour and Hotel UNIC to found the studio and develops the digital course, teaching resources for this discipline. In 2017, the school was rateda national demonstration base for the tourism vocational school-enterprise cooperation.



        VI. International Exchange


With approval from Education Department of Jiangsu, the hotel management program was jointly opened in 2002 with William Angliss Institute, which undertakes 80% English courses and 40% professional courses.

Under the cooperative programs, HMS vocational students may apply for study in Purdue University, Vatel International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Vincennes University and Mondrian International Hotel Management School, to conveniently earn mutually-recognized credit and get academic degrees of general education. Ever year, oversea study tours are organized to Japan and Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) with the school fund, and over 30% interns attend the practice and training in USA, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Macao and other countries and regions.


        VII. Academic Research & Social Service


HMS teachers has in recent years undertaken a dozen provincial and ministerial research projects, published more than 50 papers on core journals, compiled and printed 12national twelfth five-year plan textbooks, 4provincial key textbooks and launched 3 provincial online courses, 1 of which is rated as anational excellent online course. HMS actively transforms the practical training achievements, develops western food service, bartending and wine service programs and undertakes the formulation of procedures and standards of “the event of western banquet service” for the national vocational students skills competition. The school has still organized and completed the survey and preparation ofHotel Management Teaching Standards for middle + higher vocational schools andHotel Management Teaching Standards for higher vocational schools.

Teachers of the school actively serve the society and raise HMS’ voice in the circle, through undertaking and completing such assignments as formulating national, industrial, provincial standards, local specifications and prepare other policy documents for the state, provincial and municipal tourist administrative departments, and rendering services like consulting, diagnosis, entrusted management and investigation to high-star Chinese hotels.



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